The dog of the ocean – the Cape Fur Seal

Cape Fur Seal
Sightings and interactions with the Cape Fur Seal (also know as the Brown Fur Seal) is extremely common around our coast - specifically in harbours, and on remote rocky beaches or islands.

Each time that I see a seal up close I'm again amazed at how their looks and mannerisms resemble that of man's best friend - perhaps it's the brown-grey fur, or how they roll around in the sea, or perhaps the whiskers and pointy snout. Whatever it is, aren't they just awesome?

South Africa banned the hunting of seals 21 years ago, but one of our close neighbours, Namibia, still allows these seals to be hunted and clubbed to death. The slain seal cub's fur is sold exclusively to a (much hated) man by the name of Hatem Yavuz, who in turn sells the fur to the fashion industry.

Doesn't that just suck? :-(

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