The sun sets on summer : 1#6

The sun sets on summer
It's kinda depressing that summer appears to be over. I'm really not enjoying this cold weather that we've been having of the past few days.

You may have noticed that I'm about a week behind on publishing photos. So, please excuse me while I take the opportunity to catch up by posting a small set of photos that I took on Friday. This set of pics may after all turn out to be the our last reminder of Cape Town's last warm day until summer arrives!

Do you recognise the location?

9 thoughts on “The sun sets on summer : 1#6

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  2. Paul

    Post author

    Ah, Stefan, close, but you’re not quite right. Check where the sun is setting and where the ocean is. It’s quite a few more steps than you may imagine. :)

  3. Stefan

    From the Green Point lighthouse :) to where the Western Blvd becomes Beach Rd it is (according to Google) about 800 meters. A few steps!

    All right, actually I thought it to be Three Anchor Bay. But at least “Green Point” was perfectly right. What have I won?

    Nothing? To easy?
    Okay. :)

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Ali, German text ignored, that sunset looked magnificent. :) Do you get similar sunsets in Germany?

    Stefan, ah yes, you see now, “800 meters” sounds a lot closer than “almost a kilometer”. :D

    Win? Oh, right, I forgot, you won a huge prize… the cheque’s in the mail. ;)

  5. Ali

    I haven’t been to every place in Germany, so I cannot speak for the whole landscape but up to now, I’ve never experienced so beautiful sunsets. And in ZA I had so many. :)

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