Fishermen at Kalk Bay

Fishermen at Kalk Bay
Right now, while looking at this photo, I can't think of anything as boring as fishing. I use to fish a little when I was young, but the interest quickly wore off. Even though I, on occasion, went fishing with friends it was always to be social and never because I enjoyed the cold night air, icy spray of sea water, and fishy smell.

I find it so strange that so many guys seem to love exactly that about fishing.

To these particular fishermen's credit, they look as though they're handling their fishing expedition perfectly. Everything looks immaculately clean and tidy - and this scene makes me thing that they're out on the pier for reasons other than the fun of fishing. :)

2 thoughts on “Fishermen at Kalk Bay

  1. Clifford

    There is nothing more relaxing than fishing, with or without friends. I’ve recently introduced my fiance to fishing and the rest is history. I now had to buy her her own rod and reel.

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