Squirrel power – defending the nut

Squirrels on the grass
One of the best things to do on a warm afternoon is to sit outside on the lawn of the Mount Nelson hotel, sipping cooldrink and watching squirrels run to and fro grabbing acorns from the grass and dashing up the large oak trees to hide their treasured possession.

Squirrels, your probably know, hide their nuts in a stash. What you may not be aware of is that since certain acorns contain high levels of bitter tannins, squirrels may at times let the acorns rest for a long while in a place that allows water to filter them, slowly removing the nasty-tasting tannins. Isn't that clever!?

6 thoughts on “Squirrel power – defending the nut

  1. Ali

    Squirrels — in ZA a lovely pest. You won’t believe how much squirrels I’ve shot (with my camera). I think he won’t dare to give up his nut. :)

    Btw: Oh my Gosh!

    Do you usually rework all your photos or do you get some styles as the one above only by the appropriate setting of your camera?

  2. Paul

    Post author

    I don’t spend a lot of time editing photos. I generally adjust exposure, contrast, levels – that kinda thing. On this one I used some slight shading on the edges to draw in the eye. Kinda difficult to do that on the camera. ;)

  3. Ali

    I even had to check my FM to find out how to set the diaphragm (<- is THAT really the correct word???). That says, I think, everything about my relationship to the subject of photography.

    And yes, I also think that this squirrel is mean. I was surprised about the long sharp claws. Hey could be a dark alley killer who appears suddenly and leaves a blood bath behind. :D

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Ah, I think you mean aperture… well, technically you’re correct in that the diaphragm forms the hole for light to travel through, but the aperture (the gap, hole, space) is what one sets. Generally, that’s why a camera will be marked with Av, meaning Aperture Priority… but let me stop there. :)

    Yeah, he looks like a killer. ;)

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