Die Oude Molen mystery

Oude Molen - 1925
As I wrote in a previous article - I can't find any information about this building on the Web. The only details that I have is that the building is called "Die Oude Molen" (where "Die" means "The" in English and not "die"), and it has the dates 1925 and 1710 embossed on a beam and at the top of the gable, respectively.

If you know something about this house or property, please do leave a comment on this post.

6 thoughts on “Die Oude Molen mystery

  1. Ali

    (where “Die” means “The” in English and not “die”)

    Die, Molen, die! :D

    We, by the way, also use “die” as the “the” for female nouns. Usually, German versions of English films have German titles (often with stupid subheading). For years, I have known some Bruce Willis films as Stirb Langsam I, II and III (and now IV). But sometimes, the films are displayed as Die Hard. And everytime I read the title I ask myself wtf DIE Hard is. :D

  2. Ian

    There’s a tiny writeup (unfortunately flash only and restricted behind a form) on the oudemolen.co.za website, saying in essence that it was a humble farmhouse that’s been substantially rebuilt. It apparently had a door from the bedroom straight to the distillery.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Ian – even though it was painful to navigate that flash site – I checked out it out. It appears to belong to an Oude Molen in Grabouw. I poked around to see if the two were related but couldn’t find anything to suggest so. :-/

  4. Cathy

    If you have a look at the Facebook page “Oude Molen Distillery” and look at their “About” section, there is a lovely (and rather interesting) tribute to Rene Santhagans the “father” of South African brandy. In the tribute it makes mention of the house and gives a little info about it too. :)

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