Hauntingly eerie in Stellenbosch

Hauntingly eerie gravestones
If you never caught the first post in the series of cemetery photos – click here to see what the series is all about.

It never looked quite so haunting at the time, but looking at the photo afterwards gave Kerry-Anne and I both an eerie chill.

Only after closely inspecting this photo and others taken from different angles did I realise that this particular spot in Stellenbosch cemetery appears to be dedicated to children's graves - hence all the small angelic figures. It must be terrible to lose a child - especially a young one like Marina Van Eck. It looks like she was just shy of 5 years old when she died.

The inscription is an excerpt from the Christian bible and reads "Want aan sulkes behoort die koninkryk van God". translated this reads "For to such belongs the kingdom of God".

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