Pillars and leaves

Pillars and leaves
I took this photo at Oude Molen in Stellenbosch. The Dutch words "Oude Molen" mean "Old Mill" and presumably refer to the old water-driven mill once located on the property.

I took a walk around the property and unfortunately couldn't find the mill; which I presume means that it was really really old and either fell apart or was replaced by one of the other buildings. I searched for information about the property but could find nothing much, except for references to Stellenbosch University's Oude Molen men's fraternity.

If you do know anything more about Oude Molen in Stellenbosch, please do leave a comment on this post.

3 thoughts on “Pillars and leaves

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  2. Carryn

    I work here at Oude Molen and can supply you with that information as well as show you where the old Mill Wheel still stands. It is really old though and thus not in use.

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