Elevator buttons

Elevator buttons
Are you ever confused by the array of buttons presented to you upon entering an elevator? I find it especially confusing when:

  1. a combination of numbers and letters are used for floors
  2. the letter G isn't used for the ground floor
  3. basement parking levels start at a number greater than 0
  4. floors are numbered with various colours that seem to mean something important
  5. floors are labeled with landmarks unknown to me

This is the elevator at the Cape Quarter. Upon entering one is met with a combination of the points I made above. Not only this, but one's also overwhelmed by a large poster, a confusing legend, that attempts to guide visitors to the right button.

All that I wanted was to go to the ground level - but as the doors closed and the elevator departed, overwhelmed, I found myself pondering the merits of taking a trip to destination unknown.

4 thoughts on “Elevator buttons

  1. mjw

    That’s horrible usability. I can’t believe someone designed that and then someone else actually authorised it to be used.

    If your “functional” design needs a legend it’s not intuitive and you have failed as a designer.

    Makes me want to go and see the lift now, though. Thanks for that.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks mjw – glad that you agree! While you’re visiting, perhaps you should indulge in macarons from Daniela’s while you’re there. :)

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