7 thoughts on “Birds on a wall

  1. Natalie

    Why is it that there is so much grey concrete block fencing in South Africa? I find it strange that there may be a nice looking house and then this miserable looking wall.

    I wonder why more people don’t paint them?

  2. RiD1

    I thought they were angry, standing in a line awaiting their turns!!!

    I think the people dont paint it cos once you paint it then you have to keep painting it cos the paint gets dull, whereas natural vibracrete on its own doesnt need to be painted but on the other hand in most cases turns green from the dampness and the moss..

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Yeah, it is a little dodgy hey Natalie. These houses, in particular, weren’t so pretty anyhow. Often folk do paint vibracrete walls, more often they don’t though.

    Paint isn’t too cheap, and to do a proper job with undercoat and topcoat is pretty costly. Often people have other priorities – so beautifying walls tends to be lower on the priority list.

    Thanks RiD1 – I think you’re rational regarding “have to keep painting” fits in with my explanation.

  4. Linda

    High concrete walls were erected during the 1970’s when the first wave of the student uprising began. White people were terrified, so they barricaded themselves behind high walls trimmed with electrified fences. Their homes were burglar barred and their bedrooms were cordoned off from the rest of the house with a heavy gate during the night.

  5. Joanne

    I know to do a good and lasting paint job on vibracrete is costly. But please give me a cost effective idea to make the wall clean and decent looking at least. It is right in front on my door and I look at this unsightly wall all day.
    Thank you

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