Power outages and load-shedding

Power outages and load-shedding
A couple of years ago South Africa was hit by a barrage of power outages, and Eskom (the national electricity provider) was forced to implement a rolling load-shedding strategy. Over weeks and months many neighbourhoods had their power cut according to predefined schedules.

Seeing this picture reminded me how load-shedding seems to (at least for now) be a thing of the past. This year I recall having only a single outage lasting a couple of hours - but then, I suspect that was an unplanned outage. :) Our friends up north may not have been so lucky unfortunately.

Although I haven't heard confirmed news of load-shedding in Gauteng I've heard rumblings of outages and found these load-shedding schedules on Eskom's site.

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  1. Gary

    As far as I’m aware no one in the country has been subject to load shedding in the last couple of years. At least, not by Eskom. I suspect one or two Utilities may be controlling their loads by shedding some neighbourhoods at peak times, and through that their costs.

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