Tsuyo Japanese restaurant has no mayor!

Tsuyo Japanese Restaurant
Tsuyo, a less-known Japanese restaurant in Greenpoint has no Foursquare mayor! So, you know what to do. ;) (If you're not aware of Foursquare, and if you don't know what it means to be mayor, click here to see their explanation.)

We visited Tsuyo for traditional Japanese Teppanyaki - which is a Japanese cooking technique whereby the food is cooked on an iron griddle. We started our meal with sushi (it's a Japanese restaurant after all) and then moved on to the main course.

The sushi was pretty tasty - though not as elaborate as sushi prepared at some of the other well-known spots. The teppanyaki was pretty satisfying and fairly filling - so much so that we decided even to skip dessert.

The only disappointing part of the Japanese experience was that we weren't served by a Japanese waiter! But then, this is Africa. :)

4 thoughts on “Tsuyo Japanese restaurant has no mayor!

  1. craig

    Love the shot of the lanterns. I always think that white table cloths make a nice statement in a restaurant, but it’s not as popular as I would like. Nice to see them here.

  2. rid1

    I don’t use foursquare..as im not really on a smartphone but next week i’ll have my first android….

    But can’t i stand outside a place and check-in to it….and gain mayorship that way??

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