The idyllic Camps Bay beach

The idyllic Camps Bay beach
I've so often posted photos of the Camps Bay and Clifton beaches that I sometimes feel like I'm cheating you out of seeing other beaches around our peninsula. I promise, I'll make this up to you in Summer. :)

Besides for the lovely beaches and trendy restaurants you may be surprised to know that Camps Bay hosts one of the nicest theatres in the Cape Town area, Theatre on the Bay. The venue is fairly small, but the limited seating means that no matter where you sit you're close enough to see the actor's expressions and to, in some way, feel part of the production.

Theatre on the Bay is a great little venue and a must-visit if you're keen on live performances.

One thought on “The idyllic Camps Bay beach

  1. Linda

    Camps Bay is so windy. I loved going to Saunders Rocks in Bantry Bay. A whole gang of my high school friends from Jo’burg would congregate on the rocks. Those were the days.

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