Breakfast at Beleza in Cape Town

Breakfast in Cape Town
Beleza is, as mentioned in my previous post, currently my favourite breakfast spot in Cape Town.

I especially love the open-air feel when they open the large windows on the deck and how the morning sun streams in on cool Spring mornings. Also, seems as though mostly university students work at the restaurant, so the atmosphere is a young and vibrant one - which is definitely a great way to start the day!

4 thoughts on “Breakfast at Beleza in Cape Town

  1. cape town supertramp.

    beleza… not so good for breakfasts. service was a joke (most of cape town) and wouldn’t serve jam on toast. “we don’t do that” the waiter said. really weird experience, never thought jam and toast was too much for a place like this.

  2. Rich

    I have got to agree with Paul. Sitting outside on the deck enjoying the world go by is fantastic. The waitresses are really cool, Bianca being my favourite, always smiling and happy. The breakfast are really good and they have a good variety and the burgers are the best around. They have a Jalapeno and feta burger which is tasty. Flat white coffees are also great. All round Beleza rocks.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Ah, thanks Rich – I thought I couldn’t be alone in opinion. I’m not sure who Bianca is (I don’t know the waitresses by name) but I’ll ask next time I’m there.

    Oh, hey, yes, and I’ll for-sure give that burger a try – sounds great!

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