10 thoughts on “Bamboo Bird?

  1. Pamela

    That would be a Red Bishop (Euplectes orix) otherwise known as Southern Red Bishop, (wish whoever keeps changing bird names would stop, I can’t keep up. Such crazy fluffy little things, or at least the males are, the females are rather more discreet. Lovely photo.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    I don’t mind you being pedantic Steve. If you look at the larger photo you’ll see that they look like bamboo. That said… I’m not a botanist so I guess it’s possible that there’s a type of reed that looks much like bamboo.

    Although, that said, on looking a second time I’m wondering if it’s a mixture of reeds and bamboo. Take a look at this pic.

  3. Steve Crane

    No they are definitely reeds. Bamboo and and the reeds commonly found on South African waters are similar, both being segmented tubes. The reeds are more thin-walled though and can be easily flattened and split. The reeds also become quite brittle when dry while bamboo hardens and becomes more tough and wood-like. This page shows the difference between bamboo and reed fences. The pictures are clickable and pop-up bigger versions where the slight differences in appearance can be seen.

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