Burlesque in Edward Street

Burlesque in Edward Street
Burlesque is a nightclub deep in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town - at the top of a little strip called Edward Street. Don't be confused by the name, Burlesque isn't a traditional burlesque venue - it's a nightclub that has burlesque dancers perform on the dance floor on Friday evenings.

I don't frequent the strip of clubs and bars in Edward Street (map), however, I found myself at Burlesque shooting pics, and in so doing learned a few interesting things about Edward Street's party-goers and the clubs they visit:

  1. most party-goers are a fair bit younger than what I imagined (probably 18 to 23).
  2. they are super-friendly, especially towards anyone with a camera.
  3. the bouncers are freegin' huge!
  4. club DJ's will be responsible for thousands of people needing hearing aids in later life.

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