8 thoughts on “Beach volleyball at Camps Bay

  1. Kerry

    Good afternoon,

    Please can you assist? I am looking to join a beach volleyball club, and league – please could you let me have contact details of the person to speak to? Thank you. Regards, Kerry Gordon

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Try asking at the Virgin Active in Green Point Kerry. They have volley ball courts and I’d guess that teams would use them for practice sessions.

  3. ebrahiem

    hi and im ebrahiem a student at college of cape town(city campus)And iim willing to learn how to play beach volleyball…Could like to hear feedback..if u must phone 0795478187

  4. Linda

    Hi there! I used to be in the Valley ball team during my high school days and would very much like to go back as a social thing really nothing too hectic.please drop me an email if you know of any team that pretty much just do it maybe to keep fit or socialize or maybe even for fun.


  5. Cheslin

    I’m interested in joining a volley ball club, if that is a possibility.

    I played all my high school and university years. I also acquired position as captain.

    I didn’t play for years and would like a opportunity to get back into the game.

    I moved back to Cape Town 2years ago. I live in Maitland and work in Wynberg. I would like to devote some of time to volley ball.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  6. shujaht khan

    Hi there.I used to be play Valley ball in high school days and long time busy with social thing .Please anyone assist? I am looking to join a indoor volleyball in cape town .play for fun . Any number so I can contact. Thanx .
    Email me.0735583707

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