Circle in a bench

Circle in a bench
This particular garden bench in the Company's Gardens (map) must be one of the least used benches of them all. Not because it's in an obscure place, not because it's particularly uncomfortable - no, this particular bench is located just below the perfect birdy toilet-spot. The closest half of the bench wasn't so bad, but the second half was absolutely covered in crusty white stuffs. Yuck!

2 thoughts on “Circle in a bench

  1. Momcat

    Haha those birdies are no respecters of humans or their benches. I was once pooped on by a pigeon. I had to call in at the post office on my way to work and as I climbed the steps to enter the post office, a pigeon pooped (a big one) on my shoulder. I was all dressed for work and I can tell you, bird poop smells like any other poop. I just turned heel, climbed in my car and drove home to wash and change. I gave the post office a miss that day!

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