Carriage rides!

White horses drawing a carriage

We're on the brink of Valentine's day, so guys, if your date loves horses then perhaps you should take her on a carriage ride. Chat to the Cape Town Carriage Company, I'm sure they'll be happy to be at your service. :)

Due to their size and strength these French Percherons were used as war horses in the day's of infamous crusades. Knights of old use to wear huge metal armor, carry large metal shields, and wield massive broadswords, so I guess it's obvious then why these 1000kg beasts were the obvious choice.

As time progressed and knighthood became boring, people started using Percherons as work horses, primarily in agriculture, often used to pull heavy ploughs through fields, draw carriages, and pull artillery around for the military.

Today these lovelies live a far more relaxed lifestyle under the care of the Cape Town Carriage Company. :)

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