An old train workshop

An old train workshop
I'm pretty sure this building is an old workshop that was previously used to service trains. I don't think it's in use anymore - it looked as though the train tracks leading into the dilapidated building haven't been burdened with the weight of a train in quite some time.

There was nobody else about and the old building was airy and spooky - and, I can't deny that I felt the need to keep checking over my shoulder.

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  2. David

    Hey Paul I am curious to know the exact location of the place in Salt River I am interested in going to shoot something there. Your response will be much appreciated.

  3. Marknewtorae

    I was just left school year 1973 I just came back from Australia to return back home to south aft I just finish school so paul shower building still stand there to day I just turn 18 I had to go work my schooling wasn’t that great my dad took me to cape town the sent me to salt River works I’m wood stock I use to work in shop 12 where that work shop was very loud u could not hear Ur self think them I was not there long I went to go work else where then return then 1976 I join the hospital then left railways but that was not for for me now I’m 64 I retire from the hospital as porter if I could ever turn my life back I never ever want to work at the work shops why I was ill treatment bolly there the staff at the time where very rasis an to day they gone some of them died so those where the days jobs where easy not to day life I battle meny times to find work account of my schooling but finely end up a porter at Groote schuur hospital that where I last very long time I’m happy I don’t have to face salt River works if I ever get the chance I like to see the old place see what it like shop 10 was wood work shop shop 9 was the place the make train breaks shop 4 black Smith shop well that old work shop his good history but leave it as it is u cant revive old ghost whork shop rather build homes for community in stead if old work shops close it down the salt River work shop was good place not any more rather break it down its of no use it cast u more to repair it the work shops gas move to belll ville so leave it now build homes ? it goodin vest ment for housing city council it must never be reopen again it’s old leave it as a dead place if u look at shop 12 ghost place why do they want to reopen it that was then now it’s over .build shopping mall there houses those grounds good for homes for the poor who can’t afford homes to rent

  4. Marknewtorae

    The days when the work shop use to run it was very busy I was stil very young at the time I’m not sorry I left it was good thing I started vmy first job but I find my self of no use for that job but I feel strong feelings about that place close it down it was good use at the time not any more besides who want to work there not me I’m glad I left there .when I did work there it was not easy there

  5. Marknewtorae

    See as time gose on we must change thework place as I can see in the photos the work shop is busy decaying away .let’s leave it as it is rebuild I’d for home less we can’t open it if we go through the place u still see old trains there have never been repaired just stand there every one that was there no more why is was no more use for the place they felt why carry on leave it meny resinf like I did never return it a ghost work place if I go visit there I love to go to all t gf e work ships see what it like now if there still old workman there is there still workman there foreman ect

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