Kalky’s in Kalk Bay

Kalky's in Kalk Bay
Kalky's is probably the most well-known fish 'n chips restaurant in Cape Town... perhaps even in South Africa! As you can see, the decor is quite unassuming - there's nothing special about the look of the restaurant - which I guess you can then take to be a testament to how great their food must be!

The best time to go would be an hour or so before lunch time - just to make sure that you get a seat. You'll find the restaurant located close to the water's edge, inside Kalk Bay harbour.

And, if you're wondering why it's so empty... it's because this photo was taken a little while after 8am, while the restaurant was closed. :)

2 thoughts on “Kalky’s in Kalk Bay

  1. owen_mshengu_sharif

    Okay Guys & Gals … Why can’t our enterprising folk open pukkah Fish ‘n’ Chips and Bunny Chow Joints all over on the culturally deprived land-mass …

  2. Paul

    Post author

    True that Owen. To be fair though, Kalky’s has the advantage of being positioned exactly where the fishing ships offload their cargo! :)

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