A ship stranded on Clifton beach

A ship stranded on Clifton beach
Yesterday morning Cape Town woke up to dense fog, and a Japanese fishing trawler perched on Clifton beach. The NSRI report tells the story in some detail, so forgive if I don't repeat what they've already said. :)

I visited Clifton 2nd beach at about 4pm yesterday afternoon to see a large tug stationed a couple of hundred meters from the ship with one (or two, I think) cables connecting it to the Japanese trawler. A smaller tug was making regular trips to the large tug, and a small rubber boat was used between the tiny tug and trawler. I'm guessing they were dropping off supplies and equipment.

High tide was due at 21h00 yesterday evening, at which time the large tug was due to give an almighty tug (pun and all, yes) and hopefully free the vessel from the beach before its structure gave way to the relentless battle between ocean currents and fixed land. I'm not yet sure if the rescue team managed to free the ship - I'm sure we'll hear how the operation fared once the sun comes up in the morning. I am holding both thumbs fairly tightly though.

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12 thoughts on “A ship stranded on Clifton beach

  1. mjw

    Great shots.

    I’m really disappointed in the comments on the NSRI page. There was no need to complain about anything or make those racist and xenophobic comments – what is wrong with people in this country?

  2. Jaime Moss

    Thanks to the NSRI for being professional. Judging by most comments the issue would be resolved if left to the ordinary citizens if Cape Town who are very protective over their beaches. They would pick it up and throw it into deep water with one hand tied behind their back :)

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks mjw, and yes, people can be weird. Or, I mean, some people are really weird.

    Jaime, yup, thanks, the NSRI are awesome. Volunteers must be really cool people.

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Helen, the ship’s facing the beach head-on, so I suspect that it may be easier to get it off the sand. That said, I wonder what would happen if a storm were to hit the coast!

    For reference, my sister is referring to the Turkish bulk carrier that got stuck off the Blouberg beaches, in 2009:

    Photo in 2009

    Photo in 2011

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  6. jacqueline

    Good day

    I would like to find out if the ship has been removed from the beach yet, if you would be so kind to let me know


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