Tulbagh’s beautiful landscape

Mountains, blue sky and green grass
April must be the best time of year to visit little towns that surround Cape Town - but, it's really important to first strike up a good bargain with those who decide the weather. It's an absolute pleasure driving around the countryside when the temperature is moderate, wind is at bay, and the skies are blue - it's not quite as much fun to do so on cold, wet and windy days (like it's been today, I might add)!

I took this photo from the steps of De Oude Drostdy, the old magistrate's building on the outskirts of Tulbagh. Imagine waking up to this every morning!

6 thoughts on “Tulbagh’s beautiful landscape

  1. Joanna Lister

    Tulbagh has many fantastic specials during the winter months and the beautiful days of winter and early spring with snow capped mountains, green fields and wild flowers starting their displays are not to be missed! See you in Tulbagh,we are only an hour and a half from the city!

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