African animal spoor

African animal spoor
As you can see from this muddy patch it's been a little rainy in Cape Town. I spotted this spoor while walking on a hiking trail - what kind animal do you think left this trail? Don't you think it looks somewhat like Lion spoor?

No, of course not - there's no way I'd have been walking on the same trail as a lion. This is probably a dog - and a domestic dog at that. I promise, you won't find big cats walking about on Table Mountain. You'll find leopards on some of our other mountains (like the Boland mountains), but certainly not near Cape Town itself. Fortunately. :)

One thought on “African animal spoor

  1. Jules

    Oh year, the old cliché we have in Europe about lions everywhere in Africa. I mean, Cape Town is Africa, isn’t it? So why aren’t there lions? ;)
    But still, you do have baboons, ostriches or pengiuns roaming freely. In my opinion, this is even better than lions. :)

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