The Bourbon Clear – a transport ship

The Bourbon Clear - a transport ship
The Bourbon Clear is a transport vessel, currently used to move cargo to and from oil rigs. Despite her name, I'm guessing that her main cargo doesn't comprise bottles of Jack Daniels. ;)

The front of the ship is absolutely huge, in comparison with the rear, which looks more like a flatbed lorry. For another perspective, take a look at this photo of a sister ship, the Bourbon Front.

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  1. Paul

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    Hi GuGu,

    Thanks for the link – very interesting! I’ll paste a little of the content from the link you provided here, for reader’s quick reference:

    “The unique and environmentally-friendly X-BOW┬« hull line design offers significantly higher transit speed in adverse weather conditions, as well as enhanced fuel economics. The bow shape ensures soft entry into waves, thus reducing speed loss, pitch and heave accelerations, as well as eliminating slamming and vibration problems associated with conventional bow flare.”

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