Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George
Cape Town has a pretty large Greek community - in fact, I'd have to take a guess and say that most corner cafes are owned by Greeks... which is probably a good thing - corner cafes seem to be one of the more difficult businesses to keep afloat and the Greeks seem to have it pretty well nailed.

Plans to build this cathedral, in Woodstock, commenced in about 1901 and the building was eventually constructed between 1903 and 1904 at a cost of a mere 2200 GBP. What a bargain hey? ;)

7 thoughts on “Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George

  1. Deems

    Have you been inside Paul? For most of my life the inside was always plain white, with the icons on the walls and at the front of the church. Quite a number of years ago a Russian Orthodox painter was commissioned to paint all the walls and ceiling (there’s a domed ceiling near the front as well) with various icons and saints.

  2. Deems

    Haven’t been in a while (last with my nephew’s christening) so no photos but if I do find some or take I’ll pass them on to you. You can also just pop in during the week (the caretakers live behind the church on the property).

  3. Elpida

    The art work is amazing. However, the services is incredible. The priest a godsend & the choir lifts your soul. Not sure if your in heaven most times. It’s worth a visit! See for your selves.


  4. Gregory

    This is my church,I love so much,I am in D.R.C but I wanted to know how can arrive praying here on synday because I am so far from South Africa and I miss morney now for ticket!

  5. Tina Phillips

    My maiden name was Costakis and I spent the first 14 years of my life first in what later became the priests’ residence “Rhodes Villa” and later in the cottage behind the Church. My Mom & Dad were the caretakers of the Church & the hall. Before my father had a stroke he was for a long time the “Psalti” in the church. There was no choir in those days. We also used to make the candles for the church, dye the red eggs for Easter and make the cake for memorial services of those who has passed away. The cake was a real work of art – covered with icing and with a large cross made of silver balls and the person who had passed away’s initials. Memories……

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