I found this bridge at either Maitland, or Salt River station. To be honest, I never quite paid attention to exactly where I was. :)

The cool thing about this bridge is that it's impossible for anyone to fall from it. The question that comes to mind is whether many people have, in the past, fallen from other pedestrian bridges - and how they managed to do that. I guess the reality is that many kids commute to and from school via this kind of bridge, and kids will be kids - they tend to do dangerous things.

3 thoughts on “Tunnel-bridge

  1. Jenna

    A few years ago there were incidents of criminals throwing rocks over the bridge at motorists travelling under bridges, a few waiting on the roadside would hijack or rob the motorists when they pulled over to check their vehicles. After awhile a lot of the bridges had mesh put up to stop this. Not sure if this is the case for the bridge photographed?

  2. Paul

    Post author

    That was a long time ago hey – fortunately! I’m not sure it was the case here as this bridge crosses train lines. I couldn’t imagine someone hijacking a train. ;) But then, perhaps people were dropping stuff onto trains… which would be dangerous for passengers and the driver alike.

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