Peninsula trip stop 3: The V&A Waterfront

Peninsula trip stop 3: The V&A Waterfront
Some of our little tour group hadn't yet visited the V&A Waterfront, so we made this the third stop of our one-day peninsula trip.

Our party spent about an hour visiting the Blue Shed craft market - where they bought a few African treats. I thought about swinging past one of the roadside informal markets to get a better deal, but time wasn't on our side, so we paid the premium Waterfront prices (which weren't actually so expensive, anyway).

Once done buying souvenirs, we headed over to Quay 4 for a quick bite to eat before boarding our shuttle to the next destination...

2 thoughts on “Peninsula trip stop 3: The V&A Waterfront

  1. Nikki

    The V&A is not that expensive for curios. I found Greenmarket Square to be, unless you want to buy 10 items and from one vendor. Looked like a stunning day there to be at the waterfront. :( Miss it!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Yes, Greenmarket Square is tourist-central. But then… I guess that most of Cape Town is. Perhaps the best place to get good deals is at craft markets in the suburbs… they cater for locals mostly.

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