Identify this building?

Identify this building?
I'm embarrassed to say that I have no idea what this building is. It overlooks the Camps Bay side of Table Mountain, somewhat below the upper cable station. If you happen to know what this building is, please help us out and leave a comment. :)

8 thoughts on “Identify this building?

  1. Dieter

    Well assuming I found the correct building using google maps, it appears to be labeled the “Pump House”. Here:
    There seems to be some references to pump station online, but haven’t found much more info on it, however I’d guess it is used to keep water pressure up for parts of Cape Town.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Dieter, thanks Alex. Wouldn’t you agree that the building doesn’t look quite like one may expect a pump house to look? It looked more like a small school or college building to me.

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