Launching your kayak

Launching your kayak
It seemed to take ages for this guy to launch his kayak. The process was to line the kayak up perpendicular to the waves, quickly jump in, and then paddle as fast as possible to avoid being pushed back against the beach. The recipe however never worked out quite as well in practice.

The root cause of his troubles appeared to be his paddles getting caught up in seaweed and in so doing dragging the slimy green substance into the kayak, over his feet. That caused enough delay and distraction to allow time for the oncoming waves to push his kayak back against the shore, restarting the entire process of dismounting from the vessel, lining it up, hopping in and paddling like a frenzied cat in an icy pond of water.

I kinda wanted to cheer as on his fourth or fifth attempt he managed to break free and overcome the waves.

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