Lindt factory and shop

Lindt factory and shop
For the sake of your belt, butt, and general health, I suggest that you stay clear of the Cape Quarter in De Waterkant. Temptation in the form of this Lindt chocolate factory shop lies in wait. Fortunately for my tummy, the shop was closed at the time of this photo. :)

47 thoughts on “Lindt factory and shop

  1. Annelien Landman

    We are from the Eastern cape and want to visit you factory shop. We please want to know where your shop are situated.

  2. Paul Gilowey

    Post author

    Hi Annelien, as mentioned, the shop’s located in the Cape Quarter in De Waterkant (Green Point). It’s right next door do Andiamo – shouldn’t be to trixy to find. :)

  3. Annelien Landman

    Thanks for your reply on Monday. We are back from our boat trip this morning. Could you please tell me the shops trading hours.

  4. nazma tar

    hi could u please send me ur telephone nos.i wanted to purchase a good amount of lindt chocolates and i wanted to know what u had in special for me.

    thank you

  5. Lou Burger

    What is the cost of your individual lindt Choc balls? I am wanting to get about 100 and hoping it will be a lot less if not in boxed packaging?
    Thank you

  6. Tanya Conradie

    To whom it may concern
    I am bringing a group of school pupils down to Cape Town in June 2015.
    Do you offer a tour of your factory? If yes, please provide me with the days/ times and booking details.
    Many thanks,

  7. Shafieka

    Hi plse provide me with us contact details I wanna buy in bulk and resell if the price is good pose provide my with a pricelist and what the retail stores charge. Your assistance will be much appreciated

  8. cheryl dumaresq

    Hi, I am in the process of starting a confectionary business on the Garden Route. Where can i buy Lindt chocolate wholesale? Could you please price me on your 60% dark lindt chocolate.
    Many thanks
    Cheryl Dumaresq

  9. amina jacobs

    hey there I need 200 lindt balls the shop in access park has moved… I was hoping to pay at least R3 a ball… please direct me to where to go as its a matter of urgency…

    amina j

  10. galieja

    Hi im having a wedding and would love to give my guest some lindt chocolate.i always come to your shop and buy the specials.i just bought the caramel choc buy one get one free just love the freebies.any suggestions on what i can buy i have 150guest.thanks.

  11. galieja

    Im having a wedding with 150guest and would love to give them lindt choc.ive been to your shop yesterday and bought the caramel choc box and a box free.i just love the freebies at lindt.please let me know what u have at a good price any suggestions.thanks gigi.

  12. Eileen

    I am looking for Lindt dark chocolate balls(in black package). Do you have and what are the costs. I would like to buy a whole lot as I LOVE them.

  13. Ash Larkin

    Good day
    Im looking at purchasing 1100 individual red wrapped lindt balls.please send me a price.
    Thanx Ash

  14. mrs sultan

    hello once again I would like to no where can I buy lindt balls please an at what price if I bulk an can you send me a price list do you have a factory shop an are you open on a Saturday please can you also pive me with address and telephone numbers please

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