The Pied Piper of Scotland

Scottish Highland gathering
While walking about in Wynberg Park I heard the faint, though unmistakable, sound of bagpipes in the distance. So, much like the children in that old tale, I started following the music. After ten or fifteen minutes reached a school field hosting the Western Cape Highland Gathering - a small festival hosted by the Cape Town Caledonian Society, where pipes were played, drums were beaten, and young girls danced to joyful tunes. It was pretty cool, and I'm always a sucker for bagpipes anyway. :)

One thought on “The Pied Piper of Scotland

  1. Jacinta Munro

    This was indeed a fabulous day, of the Pipes and Drums, massed Bands, Highland and Irish Dancing and Scottish Country Dancing for all! Crafters stands and Food stalls. Well done to all the Competitors and public alike, and to all the volunteers and Society Members for all the help to make this day Happen! Congratulations to the Chief of the Gathering Stuart Munro for a job well done, and to his entire committee for putting in all the hours to ensure a great gathering! Best Wishes Jacinta Munro-Lady President of the Cape Town Caledonian Society

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