A seaside reflection at Blouberg

A seaside reflection at Blouberg
Don't you love how the clouds and sky reflect on the sand as the water draws back from the beach?

Beaches like those at Blouberg are especially gifted with iconic views of Table Mountain, white sand, and just enough shells to keep things interesting. This is a lovely place to be - when it's warm and the wind isn't blowing!

3 thoughts on “A seaside reflection at Blouberg

  1. Pauline

    Oh I do love this pic you feel the water bubbling up through the surface and the life shifting on the sands and everywhere that gorgeous light.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Nicola and Pauline. It was kinda tricky to get this shot because I had to hold my camera quite close to the sand while composing the shot, and at the same time keep a watchful eye on a sneaky set of waves rolling in. :)

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