The streets of Philadelphia

The streets of Philadelphia
As you can tell from this map, Philadelphia is a pretty tiny town, north of Cape Town, more or less 20km inland from our western coastline. It's a quaint little town, with a handful of shops, and one or two restaurants where you're can enjoy a lovely breakfast or lunch. Besides for the quaint and beautifully-rural scenery, there's not a lot except for space and quiet in this town and it's probably worth a visit if you'll be staying in Cape Town for a few weeks.

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  1. Pauline

    These old towns have a wonderful slow pace, you can almost feel the sunshine on your back and the clean air as you slowly walk down that street. They have retained something the big cities have lost, the ability to live in such a way that you can to stop and see the leaves on the trees rustling and to amble safely on down any street to the corner shop.

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