Zabad in De Waterkant

Zabad in De Waterkant
Kerry-Anne and I were out in De Waterkant, looking for a new restaurant to try for breakfast. We found Zabad, just down the road from the Cape Quarter.

It looked stylish and inviting inside. It wasn't too busy (to make it noisy), yet not too empty to be uncomfortable. The menu selection looked pretty good, and both the coffee and breakfasts were super satisfactory.

As perhaps you know, I prize good service (and by that I mean chirpy and friendly, not surly and posh) over the quality of the meal. Sure, there's a point where great service just doesn't cut it anymore, but for me a visit to a restaurant is more about the experience than the food. A restaurant with great staff and atmosphere easily get away with merely average food.

As I said, the food at Zabad was great, but I can't think I'll return for a second visit. Sadly.

2 thoughts on “Zabad in De Waterkant

  1. Deems

    Zabed, ze good unt, ze ugly.

    Jokes aside – it’s sad those in the “service” industry more often than not completely lack any sense of service. More often than not, you’re made to feel like they’re doing you a favour – actually, buddy, it’s the other way around. Then they still wonder why so many business just don’t survive in their industry.

    Had the worst service ever at the Biltong Bar at Fairview Estate a few weeks back. Completely ignored by 4 staff members, they even look you in the eye and then go to another customer (who arrives after you). After nearly 7 minutes I interrupted one of them and asked to speak to the manager (one of whom who completely ignored me) and said he and his staff were sorry, they would have tended to me had they seen me. I was flabbergasted, I was one of 3 people standing at the bar waiting to be served.

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