Clear skies and Table Bay harbour

Clear skies and Table Bay harbour
After a week or more of grey skies and rain the sun's come out and it's been perfect weather to explore Cape Town, and in my case wander around at the V&A Waterfront.

I love the clear skies, windless days, and warm sun rays at this time of the year - the only thing that I really don't like about sunny winter days like this is that it gets intensely cold really early in the evening.

This is Africa and I'm not made for the cold. :-/

2 thoughts on “Clear skies and Table Bay harbour

  1. Nola McCafferty

    I have just returned from beautiful south Africa,my homeland, took the very same photo while eating a cone of chips at the back of the food barn in the V&A,love it with all it’s warts……can’t wait to return for a longer visit, love the people, so warm and loving to everyone..


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