2 thoughts on “Who in the world was Isabella Borgward?

  1. simon

    “The Borgward Isabella was a medium-sized, two-door Sedan manufactured by the Bremen based auto-manufacturer Carl F. W. Borgward GmbH from 1954-1962. Initially, the car was badged — like its predecessor — as the Hansa 1500, but within the company it was known from the beginning by the code name, Isabella (not after Carl Borgward’s wife whose name was Elisabeth), and cars produced after 1957 bore the ‘Isabella’ name, inscribed eye catchingly within the rhombus at the centre of the front grille: in retrospect, the car produced from 1954 is known as the Isabella to differentiate it from the (first) Hansa 1500/1800 which the company produced from 1949-1954.”


  2. Steve Crane

    It’s actually a Borgward Isabella. Borgward was a German car company. According to Wikipedia, Isabella was originally an internal code name for the car, and it wasn’t named after anyone in particular.

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