Winter beach weather

Winter beach weather
The bikini and boardshorts probably gives you a good idea of the type of winter weather we've been having. Don't let anyone tell you that Cape Town's winter weather is always awful. ;)

I could sure get used to warm sunny beach days alternating with cool rainy winter weather.

7 thoughts on “Winter beach weather

  1. Steve Crane

    I’d hardly call Cape Town evenings ridiculously cold. I doubt temperatures have dropped below 3°C or 4°C overnight this winter. That isn’t really cold. We don’t have a fireplace and have only felt it necessary to use our little fan heater twice this year.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Well, I dunno Steve, I’d say it depends on what you’re used to. My British friends would probably be sitting around in tshirts today. ;)

    I’m sitting at my desk with toes feeling like icicles. I think it’s probably about 12C outside, although it feels like it’s 3C inside!

    R, if you’re used to warm weather, sure, it can get cold here in winter. Our houses, for the most part, aren’t geared for sub-zero temperatures.

  3. Steve Crane

    True, I suppose, but how long does it take to adjust? I moved to Cape Town from Gauteng 13 years ago and still haven’t reached a point where I find it gets all that cold here.

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Perhaps if you’ve grown up in a colder region you never adjust. I’m not sure. Or, perhaps some people just tolerate cooler weather better.

    Do you generally prefer summer heat or winter cold?

  5. Steve Crane

    I prefer cooler weather. If you’re cold you can always dress more warmly but if you’re too hot there isn’t much you can do while still carrying on with your daily life.

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