Pretty picnic in a jar

Pretty picnic in a jar
In a previous post I referred to Warwick's picnic food as "exquisitly-prepared" - though on reflection I realised that I hadn't actually explained what I meant.

I'm used to picnic food being packed into disposable plastic containers, and the food itself being nothing more special than what I could buy at the local Pick 'n Pay. Warwick's was quite different - the food in our picnic baskets was packed in these beautiful glass jars and was prepared and presented to be visually appealing, and was super-fresh and extra-tastey. :)

What I thought was a neat idea was that the beetroot salad on the right was layered in such a way that only when it was tipped out did the beetroot juice mix with the rest of the salad. The sliced beef was pretty much the most tender beef I'd had in a really long time, and the Parma ham with cheese and marmalade was the perfect compliment.

Even though I'm on a low-carb diet, and even though I don't normally enjoy the taste of olives, I couldn't resist the soft freshly-baked bread, and was somewhat surprised that I really enjoyed the olive tapenade!

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