Fairview Wine and Cheese farm

Fairview Wine and Cheese farm
This, is Fariview's restaurant. Doesn't it look lovely?

Kerry-Anne and I had lunch here with my mom, dad, and sister - so here's my brief review: The service was good, the setting and decor (inside and out) was lovely, the cheese platter that we shared was awesome (fantastic, in fact). The chicken pie that I had wasn't very good (it seemed to have been reheated in the microwave) and Kerry-Anne's melon-and-feta prawn special was... awful, in our opinion (the tastes were, well, dissonant). My mother said the quiche was great - and I have to admit, it looked pretty good.

So - my recommendation is: Given that they make their own cheeses, and the cheese really is splendid, eat lots of it. Also, as long as you're not driving, drink lots of their wine - it's pretty darn fantastic. :)

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  1. Eva Nyberg Stockholm Sweden

    Try this next time, we have never been disappointed, really really nice. We will, for sure have it in February when we are back in Cape Town again

    Warm stir-fried Springbok
    Venison strips on a salad of pesto drizzled roasted vegetables, cherry tomatoes, baby leaves, crostini and marinated artichoke
    Eva Allan

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