Lazy afternoon beach days

Lazy afternoon beach days
Like seriously, don't even think about spending the afternoon on our beaches without an umbrella, or some other shade-making device. This is African sun baby.

Many years ago, before people were aware of the danger of sun exposure, my dad used to spend many hours in the sun, sans sunblock - of course. He's in his 70s now and has to regularly visit his dermatologist regularly to have patches of skin cancer removed. Given the lesson I've learned from him, and all the attention the media has given to the relationship between sun exposure and skin cancer, I'm super cautious with the sun and find it surprising that so many people don't take it seriously.

Sure, my dad won't die from skin cancer, but it has to be darn annoying to have to get those patches treated every few months. Rather cover up, use sun block, don't tan too much, and save yourself a tremendous amount of discomfort later in life.

*This photo was taken on the blue flag Camps Bay beach.

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