French crêpes in Cape Town

French crepes in Cape Town
It's been a real long time since I've had real French crepes. In South Africa, we mostly get pancakes, which are similar to crepes (also round, big, and super-thin), only the batter is somewhat sweeter.

On spotting the stall along Camps Bay's Victoria Street (near Blues), I eyeballed the words "French Pancake" and decided that these probably weren't the real deal. But, when I walked up to the stall I first noticed the Nutella (a filling that's really popular in France), and then realised that the owner really was French - and that the pancakes were indeed real crepes.

I chatted with the owner for a while and learned that he makes both sweet and savory crepes called galettes (made from buckwheat flour), and that he's at Camps Bay most days, unless he's out doing a private function.

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