Not the Table Mountain I remember

Not the Table Mountain I remember
It's been dreary and wintry for a while now, and I haven't been keeping an eye on that Table Mountain thing we have here in Cape Town, but can it really have changed this much?! I'm sure it used to be bigger than that. :-/

3 thoughts on “Not the Table Mountain I remember

  1. Stefan Jansson

    Met an old class mate over the weekend. He got a trip to South Africa as a birthday gift. He took two of his kids with him. He even bought a real camera. It was the best holiday he had ever had. He visited the Kruger park, saw the big five. They also visited the Victoria Falls, and if I hadn’t stopped him, he would probably still be talking about his experience.

  2. Paul Gilowey

    Post author

    Haha, that’s awesome Stefan.

    Currency-wise it’s a great time to visit South Africa. Not that money is all-important, but it really does help when you’re on vacation and everything is so ridiculously cheap. :)

    Perhaps you’ll receive such a vacation as a give also? Maybe? ;)

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