4 thoughts on “Cape Town’s abandoned bridges

  1. Deems

    I’ve heard three stories. One, like yours above where they miscalculated. However, considering the remaining gap left, I find it hard to believe as enough of a curve could be put into the remaining gap to join both ends.

    The second story I heard was that the city just ran out of funds during construction.

    The third story I heard was that the city needed to build a support column right there where someone owns/owned a small cafe but would not sell his property to the city so that they could continue building, hence the incomplete bridge.

    I know the architects/civil engineers from UCT have put together proposals to complete the bridges and improve the overall foreshore area.

  2. Paul Gilowey

    Post author

    Hey Deems,

    I find it hard to believe that they ran out of funds… I mean, those bridges are so close to being finished! Although, perhaps it’s just that costs escalated and the business case ceased to make sense?

    I heard the story about the guy who didn’t want to sell… not sure how true that was. It’s possible though, I guess.

    I’m not sure about the alleged calculation error either. I assume that it’s not a trivial matter of looking at the two ends and estimating that it should be possible. But that said, if you know architects who’ve submitted plans… well then that lends some credence to it that this City perhaps just abandoned the project due to ROI not matching up. I know a lot of film shoots are arranged on those bridges… so I wonder how the income from those negatively affect the ROI of completing the bridge. :)

  3. Deems

    Ha ha Paul – you’re right, I think the city might be making a better ROI on the number of film crews that have used both ends for films and adverts :)

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