A chill pool and stage at SBC

A chill pool and stage
Shimmy Beach Club (in the harbour precinct) has this chill pool surrounded with beach-like sand, where guests can take a shaded break from the hot day. Behind the pool is a stage (check out their calendar to see what's happening), and in front of the stage is bar area, with the formal restaurant to the left.

I only visited once, at 11am when they open, so it wasn't very busy, and as can be expected, there really wasn't much happening. But, I can imagine that it gets quite packed with 20/30 somethings as the day and evening wears on.

I haven't read any positive reviews of their dinner menu (in fact, I read one or two negative ones), and I have to confess that the coffee that I ordered was slightly less palatable then airline coffee. However, I suspect they're more geared towards what comes out of a bottle than what comes from the bean. :)

Shimmy Beach Club is an interesting concept - quite different to any other venue we have in Cape Town, and for that reason you should probably pay them a visit. I'll certainly visit in the evening sometime - I'm keen to see if they manage to pull it off with style, or if it ends up being pretentious with no real class.

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