SUP hire in Camps Bay

Hire SUPs in Camps Bay
Year on year over the past few I've noticed a massive increase in the number of people getting into Stand Up Paddling. It's not really surprising - it's immense fun and possibly one of the easiest and driest water sports to get in to. Well. Easiest and driest for some, I guess. (More about that tomorrow ;) )

I considering buying a board, but figured it would be wise to first rent one to make sure that it's something I'd actually do. A while back I rented a board from Cape Town SUP, who do rentals in the V&A Waterfront canals. It was loads of fun, so I started looking around for a company who'd hire a board in the Camps Bay and Clifton areas. I wanted to hire a board in the evening so that I could sup as the sky turned orange and the harsh sun was on the descend. Research lead me to Camps Bay SUPS, a new SUP hire company that operates from Cafe Caprice in Camps Bay.

Camps Bay SUPS hires stand up paddle boards at a cost of R150 per hour directly from Cafe Caprice. They also offer day rentals, and are open to discussing weekend or even week-long rentals for those on vacation. I'll tell you a little more about my expedition, but for now, if you're interested, you'll find Kaela's mobile number on their Facebook page. Get in touch via Whatsapp, SMS, or just give her a call to reserve a board.

2 thoughts on “SUP hire in Camps Bay

  1. Lurinda du Preez

    Hi there

    I am an educator who is very interested in having our school ( a new independent High School) come for a SUP session! We would be a group of about 15 learners so I would love to find out form you what you could offer us as a bigger group! We would most likely do this on a Friday and the entire day would be filmed and be put on the schools website.

    So please let me know what we could arrange!
    Looking forward to hearing back from you!

    Kind regards
    Lurinda du Preez

  2. Paul Gilowey

    Post author

    Hi Lurinda – that sounds like an awesome idea! I’ve passed your message on to Kaela,
    If you need to call her directly, last I checked her mobile number was on their Facebook page.

    Good luck with the lessons! :)

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