The Barn in Khayelitsha

The Barn in Khayelitsha
In my previous posts I showed a few photos taken from the viewing deck at Khayelitsha's Lookout Hill. This is a photo taken inside The Barn at the visitor's centre.

According to this article, "The Barn Khayelitsha is an incubator for entrepreneurs with a focus on tech and innovation, as well as empowering women in business and youth in tech.".

It isn't a huge facility, but it does have one or two large rooms with rows of computers, as well as a section with desks and meeting tables where entrepreneurs can come sit with their laptops and work on their projects. They offer free wifi, and even have a small kitchen for making tea and coffee.

I was surprised, and delighted, to find The Barn in such an impoverished community. Good on you CiTi!

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