The irony of drinks at Java Cafe

The irony of drinks at Java Cafe
These drinks, our lunch, and the service at Stellenbosch's Java Cafe was pretty good; but I found it sadly ironic (given their name) that their coffee was extraordinarily pitiful. If you appreciate fine coffee, rather skip their brew and order a beer or anything else instead.

2 thoughts on “The irony of drinks at Java Cafe

  1. Stefan Jansson

    We have our (but not mine) first ever Starbucks in Haninge. Opened a few weeks ago, might stop in tomorrow and try the coffee.

  2. Paul Gilowey

    Post author

    I don’t believe we have Starbucks here Stefan. Or, not that I know of at least. I suppose the closest to American franchise coffee that we have is Seattle Coffee Co – which is pretty decent. My favourite is that from Origin Roasting and Truth Coffee in Cape Town. :)

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