5 thoughts on “Wildflowers on Signal Hill

  1. Paul Gilowey

    Post author

    Hey Pamela, haha, I am posting – just suffering from a severe case of Winter Blogging Blues. I’m kinda still busy catching up – I have such a backlog of photos to go through! :)

    Thanks for the message!

  2. Pamela Pattison


    I recognise the feeling, although here it is the summer blues! I was over in CT in June, sadly for a funeral, but was stunned by the weather, although every one said they were too. On Mid Winter/Mid Summer day it was warmer in CT than the UK! Unfortunately buying tickets at short notice took this years planned wildflower time trip budget. Fingers crossed for next February!

    Glad all is well.


  3. Paul Gilowey

    Post author

    So you’re saying that I wouldn’t do well in the UK Pamela? :) It’s more the short days that get to me. Having the sun set before you get home from work is somewhat depressing. Also, waking up to no sunshine… that I struggle with!

    Glad to hear that you had a quick visit, albeit under sad circumstances.

    With the new Rand/Pound exchange rate, I’m sure February will easily be doable. ;)

  4. Pamela

    Paul – stay away from the UK if you don’t like short days, now admittedly we have the compensation of very long days too, but I rarely want to be up at 4am to benefit from them. The winter months when we go to work in the dark and go home in the dark are dismal, particularly when we have had a summer with very few bright days as well. As for the exchange rate it is a little crazy! There is also an England V SA one day international at Newlands on February 14th – what better for a Valentines Day treat!

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