6 thoughts on “I went out to take photos at the rose garden in Durbanville only to discover that it’s not rose season… Or, rather, it’s pruning season. So this, the Arum Lily, she will have to do

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Hey RiD1! It’s been a long time!

    Well, given the weather we’ve been having, I should probably still be hibernating. A while back I ran out of time to maintain CTDP, and eventually I stopped publishing. It was such a great holiday! Then, recently, someone from Germany (if I recall correctly) mentioned that he missed the photos… which got me thinking. Even though I can’t maintain a daily photo blog, and I don’t have the time to take my SLR around with me as much as I did before, perhaps if I hooked up my Instagram publish automatically to here then that could work…

    You probably noticed that the photos were a little strangely elongated… which was a little technical hitch I had with the publishing… but it’s all sorted out now.

    Anyway, let’s see how this goes… Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dieter

    Hey Paul,

    Great to see some of your photos back in my news feed! You’ve definitely been missed, and even if you can’t post regularly, it would be great to see photos on any schedule that works for you.


  3. Paul

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    Hey Dieter, thanks so much for the note! It’s kinda cool to know that there are people out there who actually missed the photos. :)

  4. Björn

    Hi Paul,
    great that you back and thanks for it.
    I could be that it was me, who you get the message from about missing your great photos.
    Your photos are allways a great inspiration for visitingnew places in cape town.

    So please going on….

    All the best from sunny summer in Munich


  5. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Björn, thanks for visiting (and for prompting me to start posting again)!

    Enjoy the summer, and best wishes from a rainy Cape Town!

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