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ZU-JVZ – Jabiru J400 overhead

ZU-JVZ - Jabiru J400 overhead
I may look really smart for knowing this plane is a Jabiru J400, but in truth it's amazing what you're able to find using Google. :) I spotted this plane puttering across the Durbanville farmlands - fairly low I might add! To give you an idea of how low, this was taken at 70mm zoom - so not much zoom at all.

Air show at Ysterplaat

Gripen Fighter
This weekend sees the Africa Aerospace and Defence expo taking place at Cape Town's Ysterplaat (which translated literally refers to a sheet of iron) air force base. I visited today to get a small preview of what would be happening over the following three days.

Although the little bit that I saw was awesome, unfortunately the weather never played along so we were rained out by around mid day! Fortunately for you (if you're in Cape Town, that is) rain isn't forecasted for Friday and Saturday, however rain is set to dampen Sunday visitors - so be there early this weekend! :)

Our friends from the USA may like to know that 11 of your country's USAF air crafts have landed at Ysterplaat to join in with the expo. Although... I just think they're keeping an eye on us. ;)